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My kiddos loved these worksheets, it is super helpful! I even use it on my daughter who is learning her letters as well. I love this resource! Thank you for creating such an amazing resource.

- Chee H.

Introducing the comprehensive Letter of the Week Packet for Letter D! This pack has everything you need to engage your little ones in learning and exploring the letter D. With crafts, activities, writing practice, path of motion, and introducing the letter cards, this packet is designed to take your child on an exciting journey of discovery.

Our friendly character Glimmercat is here to guide your child every step of the way, making learning fun and engaging. With over 40 pages of activities, your child will have a blast discovering new words that begin with the letter D and practicing their reading and writing literacy.

We understand that everyone learns differently, which is why we've created both brightly colored options for those who love to laminate, and black and white options for those who prefer printing out the printables. Plus, with four crafts and lesson plans for utilizing the activities over a five day period, your child will be fully immersed in the letter D experience.

This packet is an excellent phonics prep program for PreK, with a strong emphasis on learning the sounds. Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your child a head start in their learning journey with the Letter of the Week Packet for Letter D.

Are you ready for some Dog-gone fun with the letter D? We've got a whole week of exciting activities lined up for you and your little ones! Our letter D packet features a variety of engaging resources, including a printable dog craft (available in both color and black and white), dot-to-dot pages, writing practice sheets, and more! With our scripted lesson plans, you can easily guide your child through each activity and make learning the letter D a breeze. Plus, our phonics prep program for PreK will help your child develop their language skills and prepare them for reading success.

Get ready to create a delightful craft with your little ones as you explore the letter D! Our Letter of the Week packet includes a fun and engaging craft that your kids will surely love. This craft requires only a few extra materials such as a Styrofoam ball and Q-tips, which are easy to find at any local craft store. Plus, we've included a black and white version, so you can save on ink while providing an opportunity for your children to express their creativity with their own unique colors.

Kids love dinosaurs, and we've included a fun and engaging activity in our letter D packet to help them learn all about these amazing creatures. With a little cutting, puzzle discovery, and pasting, children can create their very own dinosaur. It's a fun and interactive way to get kids excited about learning and exploring the world of dinosaurs.

Now, let's talk about our adorable little Duck craft, which is included in the lesson plan for letter D. The printable for this craft is available in the packet and it's super easy to make. All you need to do is cut some small paper loops, follow the instructions to create the duck and paste the loops together. The finished product is absolutely adorable, and kids love to show off their creation. You can find the printable for this craft in the lesson plan above.

Here is a photo of my son actively engaged in one of the activities included in our Letter D packet - creating his own little D book. As a parent, I understand the importance of finding engaging and educational activities for children, which is why I have personally tested and approved each activity included in this packet.

The Reading Literacy Activity included in our Letter D packet is one of our favorites. Inspired by the beloved children's book "Go, Dog, Go" by PD Eastman, our activity revolves around the story's stoplight. The stoplight is a captivating element in the story, especially for young children. To recreate the fun and excitement of the story, we created an activity where kids can paint their own stoplight with just a little bit of red, yellow, and green paint and a Q-tip. It's a simple yet engaging activity that helps improve their literacy skills while having fun.

The Letter of the Week Packet for the letter D is a treasure trove of fun and educational activities that will captivate and excite children. From dinosaurs to ducks, the packet features a variety of crafts and activities that introduce children to the wonderful world of D words. The packet also includes a mini book and a Reading Literacy printable based on the beloved children's book "Go, Dog, Go". With over 40 pages of activities, there is no shortage of engaging and entertaining ways to learn and play with the letter D. Whether you're a homeschooling parent or a teacher searching for fun and educational resources for your classroom, the Letter of the Week Packet for the letter D is a fantastic choice.

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Welcome to our Letter of the Week Bundle - the ultimate resource for parents and educators looking to make learning the alphabet fun and engaging for children! Our bundle includes over 40 pages of activities for each letter, including crafts, games, mini-books, dot-to-dot, and practice sheets. But that's not all - we've also created a consistent character, Glimmercat, to guide your child through their journey of discovering exciting sounds and new words that begin with each new letter. Our lesson plans with suggestions for utilizing the activities over a five-day period make it easy for you to incorporate them into your homeschool or classroom. Don't miss out on this amazing resource - order now and give your child the gift of mastering the alphabet!

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Lots and lots of engaging activities to help with letter practice. My class enjoyed working on the different skills.

- Michelle K.

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This is such a cute resource to use with students in Kindergarten. We use Saxson learning for ELA and we were looking for something to help us supplement when learning letters/letter sounds.

- Lindsey H.