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Scripted lesson plans for teaching the letter Aa. Thank you.

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Our Letter of the Week Packet for A is designed for preschool and kindergarten children to help them learn and understand the basics of phonics in a fun and engaging way. The packet is over 40 pages long and includes a variety of activities and printables to keep your little ones interested and excited about learning the letter A.

Our friendly character Glimmercat is there every step of the way, helping children discover new words that begin with the letter A and encouraging them to practice their phonics skills. The packet includes brightly colored options that can be laminated for repeated use, as well as black and white options that can be printed out easily.

With a focus on learning the sounds of each letter, this packet is an excellent phonics prep program for pre-K children. It includes a range of activities such as tracing, writing practice sheets, dot to dot, and much more to keep children engaged and excited about learning. Get started on your child's phonics journey with our Letter of the Week Packet for A today!

The Letter of the Week Packet for the letter A is full of creative and engaging crafts for young learners. One such craft involves creating an apple with a worm inside. It may seem simple, but it's perfect for young children who love to explore and use their imagination. They can stick their finger through the apple and wiggle it around like a little worm, making it a fun and interactive activity. The craft is also customizable, as seen with Joey's "angry worm face" on his finger. It's a great way to introduce the letter A and its corresponding sound to children, while also fostering creativity and imagination.

As many of our followers are Homeschool families, we want to make sure that our Letter of the Week packets include all the necessary tools to help guide their daily activities. That's why we provide scripted lesson plans that detail every activity for the week. In this particular packet, you'll see that each activity has a fun apple theme. We like to keep things consistent and themed throughout the week, so that children can anticipate what's coming up next. It's a great way to keep them engaged and excited about learning!

Astronauts are so fascinating to kids, and we have a fun craft to make in our Letter A packet. The craft is easy to assemble and only requires a photo of your child's face to be placed inside the astronaut helmet.

It's always fun to have a guided craft, and one of my favorite things about this particular craft is that children get to form the letter A for the Ant's legs before they add the pompoms! We also provide a list of additional materials you might need, and we try to keep those reasonable.

It's always great to have a fun and easy craft for kids, and our alligator paper printable is just that! Kids can color in their alligator and then cut it out to make their own little alligator friend. Plus, it's a great opportunity to talk about the letter A and how it's the first letter in "alligator."

I have to tell you about the letter cards in our packet! They are so much fun and really help the kiddos remember the sound of each letter. Check out our A card, featuring Glimmercat trying to get apples from a tree. She slips and exclaims, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!" (short a sound) as she slides down the A. It's just one of the silly schticks we've included to make learning the alphabet even more entertaining!

Oh, we just love incorporating music and singing into our curriculum! For the letter A, we've come up with a catchy little tune to help your little ones remember the sound of the letter. It's sung to the tune of "Say, say oh playmate", and goes like this: "A says (Aaaaaaaaaa!)" It's a fun and easy way to help reinforce letter recognition and sound association.

If you enjoyed these ideas and want to have access to even more engaging and educational activities for your preschool or kindergarten students, consider purchasing our full Letter of the Week packet. With over 40 pages of fun and interactive lessons, crafts, and printables, your children will love learning about each letter of the alphabet. From apples to alligators, we've got you covered!

Don't miss out on this incredible resource for teaching phonics and early literacy skills. Buy now and start your letter of the week journey today!

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Welcome to our Letter of the Week Bundle - the ultimate resource for parents and educators looking to make learning the alphabet fun and engaging for children! Our bundle includes over 40 pages of activities for each letter, including crafts, games, mini-books, dot-to-dot, and practice sheets. But that's not all - we've also created a consistent character, Glimmercat, to guide your child through their journey of discovering exciting sounds and new words that begin with each new letter. Our lesson plans with suggestions for utilizing the activities over a five-day period make it easy for you to incorporate them into your homeschool or classroom. Don't miss out on this amazing resource - order now and give your child the gift of mastering the alphabet!

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